Professional Audio Design

Music - Sound Effects - Voice Overs - Implementation

Plenty more samples available upon request or use my Soundcloud page and my Bandcamp page to hear more of my music.

Videos may take a moment to buffer. More samples available at my Vimeo page as well as upon request.

Videos may take a moment to buffer. More samples available at my Vimeo page as well as upon request.

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Who am I?

I’m professional Composer-Sound Designer who has supported over 140 projects in the video game, anime, webdesign and indie film markets. My services and rates are flexible enough to work with teams of all kinds of budgets, sizes and needs. Wanna read over my resume? Here you go!

Please contact me if you have any questions or are interested in using my work in your next project! Thanks for checking out Madsen Studios LLC!

Want to license or buy my music? It’s easy! Go here to get started:



What I can do for you:

Music – Composition – Arrangement – Transcription – Teaching – Production – Implementation

Sound Design – Production – Recording – Editing – Implementation

Voice Overs – Direction – Recording – Performing – Editing – Implementation

Record Saxophone Parts – Soprano – Alto – Tenor – Classical – Jazz – Rock

Consulting - Need some pre-production guidance? Trying to scope out viable audio solutions? I can help.

Private Lessons – Currently only for piano or saxophone. For more info check out my Private Lessons page.



What are my rates?

My rates are based on several factors:
- What console(s) or device(s) is this project going to be launched on?
- How much content do you need?
- When do you need it by?
- What type of rights do you require for the music: exclusive or non-exclusive?
- What type of audio budget (if any) has been set aside from this project?
Need content now but don’t have enough funds to pay for it? No problem! Payment plans are definitely available as well!
Feel free to contact me with the info from the questions above in addition to any other details that would be helpful and I’ll get a custom quote back to you as quickly as possible!

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