Below you’ll see a set of playlists of official projects, categorized by genre or product type. If you’re still not finding the music or audio you’re after, reach out. I may have the perfect audio hiding away on one of my hard drives. (Note: some of these are a bit older. I put them on this page so they’re still accessible but my main, front page is more up to date and less cluttered.)

2014 Sizzler

2014 Sound Design Demo

Anime Trailers

Casino Games

Live Action (Warning: Some language)

SkateBird OST


New Age

I also have albums on Bandcamp as well. You can stream, share and buy each of these albums.


Nate Madsen is a 15 year industry vet who’s worked in games, films, taught college courses and has performed and recorded in various settings on both piano and saxophone. He’s been with SciPlay for 4.5 years and has been running Madsen Studios LLC since 2005. On the weekends he likes to be very still and watch the grass grow. He’s considering taking up the bagpipes and really enjoys craft beer. He’s currently living in Austin, TX and his is favorite color is green. You can get in touch with him here: