So often freelancers worry about trying to get clients. Trying to impress them with demo reels, quick responses, shiny websites and their overall professional approach. There's nothing wrong with that but many forget that clients also need to…
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Chaos of Cthulhu

What's the harm in summoning a few elder gods and bringing about the end of the world?! Check out this fun and creative dice game, which used my music for it's Kickstarter campaign!

Hot Tin Roof Game & Soundtrack Released!

Here's a unique soundtrack: chiptune jazz. Trust me, it's hard to make 8-bit samples swing! But I think the outcome was pretty successful. But don't take my word for it, take the soundtrack out for a spin. Hot Tin Roof Original Soundtrack…

Hot Tin Roof Release Trailer

  I'm very pleased to share with you all the release trailer for Hot Tin Roof, developed by Glass Bottom Games! This trailer features one of the tracks I composed (with me on the sax) and the wonderful voice over work of Emma Messenger.…

Dragon Vita (iOS) Theme Released!

Here's the main theme to the 99 Dragons iOS app, Dragon Vita. I hope you enjoy it!

Lost Forest Theme

Here's a "new" track. Rather, here's a new take on an old track from 2006! I hired Jean Bolger to play the violin tracks and we recorded them at Mark Derryberry's new studio, Derryberrys Recording Studio. I'll be honest, the track is still evolving…

Portfolio Items

Sizzler Reel

[column width="2/3" place="first"][title type="h2"]Project description[/title]Sizzler Reel A collection of various projects showing off some of my music, sound design, dialog edits and mixes. Each project is listed as well as what role(s)…

Lorenzo and Monica

[column width="2/3" place="first"][title type="h2"]Project description[/title]Lorenzo and Monica I was pleased to score this feature film, which is an urban retelling/spin of Romeo and Juliet. You can check it out on Netflix or purchase it…

Thread of Mystery - Main Theme

[column width="2/3" place="first"][title type="h2"]Project description[/title]Threads of Mystery Playdom Inc, a division of Disney, contracted out Madsen Studios LLC to provide all of the music and sound design for their Hidden-Object Game…

Ninja Pig (Gameplay video)

[column width="2/3" place="first"][title type="h2"]Project description[/title]Ninja Pig (Gameplay video) Plastic Cow Games hired Madsen Studios LLC to provide music and sound design for this challenging game! Video captured isn't of the final…