Chain Chronicle: The Light of Haecceitas Complete Series

When I got this video to mix and produce sound design to, I was honestly blown away. The show’s art style, voice acting and music are simply superb. I felt immediately drawn into its world and wanted to know more. Quite an effective trailer – I must say! So getting to work on it was a ton of fun and provided plenty of moments to make the audio shine and impact the viewer. I hope you like the trailer!


Like so many, we’re still in lock down mostly. It’s strange to think I’ve not been in a date with my wife since early-March. Our kids haven’t really left the house in that time either. We’re doing okay and pushing through but it’s definitely a different lifestyle for us – as it is for so many. Ironically, this time period has been one of the busiest times for me professionally and I should have plenty of updates and announcements for ya’ll soon. Until then, mum is still the word. I’ll share as soon as I can!

I’ve not done as many vlogs as I’d like and hope to get back to that soon. In the meantime, I’ve got one final push to get a huge side project out the door, finish up a few smaller projects, continue work with SciPlay and then the last few songs for Skatebird. There have also been several new arrangements done which I’ll share once it’s made public. It’s a really exciting and tiring time! How are you handling quarantine? Have you resume a mostly normal life style or are you still in a state of flux? Getting used to it or still struggling? I’ve definitely been eating too much and not sleeping all that great. Need to exercise more too. Also I finished DARK on Netflix and LOVED it. Gotta find another great show to watch.

Sort of a short update but I was super excited to finally share this Chain Chronicle: The Light of Haecceitas Complete Series Trailer with you all! To be honest, my side in Anime has slowed down in the last few months, which is okay given how busy the other things are – but I really hope to do more of these trailer mixes in the future! (Sigh) So much of this type of work is hurry up and wait. And I hate waiting! 😛

So in the short term, here’s a recent vlog that might be helpful! Take care of yourselves and each other.


Nate Madsen is a 15 year industry vet who’s worked in games, films, taught college courses and has performed and recorded in various settings on both piano and saxophone. He’s been with SciPlay for 3+ years and has been running Madsen Studios LLC since 2005. Some of his freelance projects include SkateBird as well as providing sound design, mixing and mastering audio FUNimation anime trailers. On the weekends he likes to be very still and watch the grass grow. He’s considering taking up the bagpipes and really enjoys craft beer. There’s also the chocolate addiction and the Dad jokes collection. He’s currently living in Austin, TX and his is favorite color is green. He’s also trying to increase the number of push ups he can do at one time. You can get in touch with him here: