Here’s what people are saying about Madsen Studios LLC

Working with Nathan has been fantastic. He’s always on point with precisely the bleep or bloop we need.

Megan Fox
Founder/ Programmer / Designer
Glassbottom Games

Working with Nathan was a real pleasure. His ability to transform words/descriptions into music is wonderful. I’ll make sure to contact him for all my future projects.

Khalil Slimi
Game Developer
99 Dragons Limited

Nathan Madsen’s instrumental background brings a stunning touch to every piece of composition he works on and he has an amazing ability to be a chameleon for any and all inarticulate clients who have ideas, but need a musical artist to bring them alive.

Andrea Kile Peterson
Director, Filmmaker, Editor
Do You See Productions

Madsen Studios really came through for us! He helped with everything from sound FX, to music to voice overs for our game. I would highly recommend working with Nathan!

Scott Brown
President, CEO

Nathan Madsen is a Composer, Sound Mixer and Sound Designer. A one-stop shop for everything you need for your project. Not only does he turnaround work of the highest quality, but he’s also an extremely easy person to work with; paying careful attention to notes and returning work to the specifications you’re looking for, always ensuring that everything is precisely as you need it.

In the past I’ve worked with sound professionals who use the limitations of your recordings to explain why you can’t have exactly what you want, but Nathan is precisely the opposite of this: he’ll maximize the potential of your sound, and then take it one step further, returning results you’d only hoped for.
On top of this, Nathan provides extremely reasonable rates, and is flexible to work with you on a project to get the best out of it. Often, the professionals I’m working with do not meet my own fastidiousness with sound design and mixing, but Nathan has just as much drive and passion for the project as you have.

I have no hesitations in recommending Nathan to other workers in my field, specifically low-budget indie filmmakers. In this arena you’re looking for professionalism of the highest degree. You’re competing with other filmmakers with budgets that are far higher than yours, and you need to present your films alongside high-profile competitors with confidence. Nathan Madsen will take your project there, and beyond.

Ben Woodiwiss
Look/Think Films

It’s been my pleasure to work with Nathan as a recording engineer for the Aurora Symphony. The quality of his recordings surpasses any other recordings that we’ve had. Nathan is consistently a pleasure to work with, shows up early and does great work.

Rich Duston
Executive Director
Aurora Symphony Orchestra

This is a shout out to Nathan Madsen and Madsen Studios for work on one of our latest apps, Sphero Exile. This isn’t the only app Nathan has provided stellar music and sound FX. But if anyone needs to know – Nathan is the best at taking a vision and making it sound unreal. EVERYONE comments on his music with wide eyes and applause. His work makes you want to listen with headphones all day. We are a good team. If you are looking for the best audio for your game or app, there is none other than Nathan. But don’t use him too much. Sphero has much more to do!

Ben Monlezun
Game Designer

Nate was an absolute pleasure to work with. His professionalism and speed facilitated our accelerated game development without compromising on quality. I look forward to working with him on future projects.

Billy Garretsen
Creative Director
Ice Cap Games, Inc

This has been the first time I have worked with Nate and I wouldn’t hesitate to hire him again! Having provided a demo of the project and a short brief, I also asked for any suggestions where he felt the audio could be improved. Nate has a great skill in being able to spot where and HOW to use music and sound effects in video games taking some basic thoughts and ideas from the demo and helped transform the audio of the game making it an extremely well polished title with not only some fantastic music and sound effects but also some excellent ideas. As well as his obvious audio talent, Nate also has excellent communication skills and a great enthusiasm and passion for his work which all came together to provide me with a great end result on time and on budget. Its been a pleasure working with him on Ninja Pig and I hope to work with him again on future titles.

Simon Taylor
Game Designer, Owner
Plastic Cow Games

Nate’s been fantastic – his work for Wolf Toss sparkles with humor and inventiveness. Everyone who plays the game comments on how much they love the sound design. And he’s fast, amazingly so. We couldn’t be happier and hope to work with Nate on more projects in the future.

Patrick Meehan
Co-Founder and CTO
Zipline Games

Nathan makes great work and doesn’t make you think twice by hiring him again, fast and Hollywood quality. Always on time, can deal with stressful deadlines. He is the right man for any sound job you need.

Boris Raguza
Co-Owner/3D Graphics Director
Camel 101

Nathan is a fast, flexible and highly talented composer. I’ve hired Nathan for several projects and he always comes thru on time and on budget. Better still, he is easy to work with and dedicated to making great music that the client will sign off on. Nathan has a variety of music styles at his disposal and is an excellent communicator. He’s well versed in helping pin-down just what a client or project needs and then creating the score that best reflects the image.

I’ve hired Nathan several times in the past and am planning to do so again in the future. His combo of a can-do attitude and great musical chops make him a reliable composer for video, games and ad spots.

Chris Seifert
Founder/Audio Director
Creature Vox Workshop

As I go through and make the final tweaks to the sound levels for our project, I wanted to let you know that I am very pleased with results.  The game is much better with the excellent music and sounds that you provided.  I can’t thank you enough for all the extra sounds you provided at no cost, the quick turnaround, and the great advise for integrating the sounds into the game. I have enjoyed working with you, and hope to work with you again on future projects.

Tom Kier
Endless Wave Software LLC

I just want to give a shout out, I’m contracting some work out to Nathan on a project currently and all I can say is that he has out performed every expectation I had for his part–really brilliant work and I am a pleased client.

Dan Reynolds

I just finished a project along with Nathan for my web game Bubble Struggle 3. It was very pleasurable to work with Nathan. His communication skills are something to be desired for in business in general. He was very receptive of my ideas and was quick to implement them. Other than that, he obviously knows how music is used inside video games because of his creative and insightful suggestions. I am very pleased with results and am looking forward to working with him in the future. Oh yes, and, first I sent an email asking for a quote. After we cleared up the details he needed a reasonable down payment to start working. He said: I am starting to work on it as soon as I get down payment. The down payment was sent and 3 hours later I was pleasantly surprised – he already sent major part of the work! Nathan is not only a quality artist but fast working too.

Krešimir Cvitanović
Game Developer

Nathan has been a pleasure to work with on Ninjatown: Trees of Doom. Enthusiastic, professional and detailed, he produced high quality work for us in a very short time. I’d highly recommend him for other iPhone projects.

Brandon Curiel, CEO
Venan Entertainment INC

Nathan has great talent and enthusiasm.  He is a pleasure to work with and he exceeded my expectations.  His willingness to make sure everything was perfect will definitely keep me counting on Nathan for future projects.

Will Loconto
Will Loconto Music and SoundMusic for Games, Television, and Film

I am absolutely blown away by the sensitivity of your music! It is heartfelt, passionate and leaves plenty of room to enjoy it on a personal level instead of having it jammed down your throat like so many artists seem to do these days. Nicely done!

Aaron Marks, Composer-Sound Designer
On Your Mark Music Productions

I highly recommend Nathan for your next project! Its so much fun working with him and he really delivers high quality music in a short time. I was constantly excited to hear a new track from him and he exceeded my expectations easily!

Johannes Seidel, Game Developer
Blacksmith Games

Nathan Madsen is a talented professional with an incredible ear for composing music and audio.  I found Nathan through Craigs list, and I will definitely recommend him to anyone I know who is working on a music project, or any project that involves audio elements.  From the start of our project, a CD called “Heavenly Lullabies and Nursery Rhymes,” Nathan had a clear idea of what steps to take to produce the best results.  He was a great help with getting the talent to perform at their best, patiently guiding them through some musically, challenging moments.  It was agreed that he would have creative control over the musical composition of the CD.  Each song turned out to be a pleasant surprise that surpassed my expectations.  Each piece is comprised of various instruments that sound terrific together, captures the essence of the project, and is sure to entertain children and parents alike for hours upon hours.  In my opinion, he went beyond what was expected.  It’s rare to find a talent such as Nathan who is honest, patient, accommodating, and delivers projects in a quick and timely manner.

Christian Hartgens, Client
Heavenly Lullabies and Nursery Rhymes CD Project

Nathan is a dedicated, passionate composer. He has a very positive outlook, responds well to feedback, and genuinely desires to improve his craft. He got along quite well with just about everyone in our studio which is quite an accomplishment in the very eccentric game industry. I enjoyed working with Nathan on both a personal and professional level, and would recommend him to anyone needing composition work.

Ryan Seabury, Creative Director, LEGO Universe
NetDevil Games

It’s a challenge to find a person who can “turn on” creativity, and deliver music on demand. It’s just not something that is easy to do. When you do happen on a resource like that you can only hope that they are also detail oriented and can integrate into a production pipeline. If the Gods are smiling and you’ve landed someone like that you must now pray that they are easy to manage and not trouble makers. If indeed all of this is true then it might be ridiculous to assume that person could also be appropriately outspoken and committed to doing things “right” the first time. However, if you did happen to grab someone like this, they’d be named Nathan Madsen.

Chris Sherland, Lead Producer
NetDevil Games

I have been Nathan Madsen’s supervisor for the last two years. His work ethic and passion to excel have always exceed my expectations. He is easy to get along with, cordial, and timely with his delivery of anything I’ve ever asked of him. His responsibilities at NetDevil included taking charge of the audio department as its lead and delivering high-quality compositions – tough tasks that he took on, head-on, without failure. In addition, Nathan has always been available to help others when asked, and has been a model team player. His input has always been valuable and has increased the value of our project tenfold.

Allen S. Eccles, Producer
NetDevil Games

Nathan is a pleasure to work with. He is professional and courteous and always does his best to meet the goals set before him. His creativity, nature, and professionalism are definite assets to any job he takes on.

L. LaRae Brim, Program Management Associate
NetDevil games

Nathan really knows his craft. I worked with Nate on Lego Universe at NetDevil and his knowledge of composition and music really shined in the work he produced for our games. I also has the pleasure of experiencing Nate’s pure passion for music on the awesome occasions that I got to play live music with him as a part of NetDevil’s house band, the Deviled Eggs. On top of his knowledge and professionalism, Nate is an extremely kind fellow who is easy to work with. Anyone would be lucky to be able to utilize Nate, his ways, and his expertise!

Jim Stigall, Lead Concept Artist
NetDevil games

I have worked with Nathan on several projects and all I can say is that he is not only a dedicated and competent professional, but also someone you can connect with on a personal level. Working with Nathan has always been an enjoyable and highly productive experience for me. Nathan has a way of listening carefully to your needs and will quickly produce the results that you’re hoping for.

Markus Krichel, Producer
NetDevil Games

Without a doubt, Nathan is a very talented composer and sound designer, and I greatly enjoy working with him. He is committed to delivering top-quality content, maintaining thorough communication between team members, and sharing his expertise with others – both in and outside the company. I truly appreciate his patient and professional demeanor, and I’d happily recommend him for any position he decides to pursue.

Eric Harms, Audio Programmer
NetDevil Games

Nathan is a fantastic composer and exceptionally hard worker. In the course of creating audio assets for our game, I never required any sound revisions; the audio was always perfect the first time around. Hiring him for your project – any project – is a step in the right direction. In person he is very relaxed and easy to work with and professionally he is driven, timely, and extraordinarily talented.

Kevin Cook, Designer and Artist
Brilliant Worlds

Nathan is very passionate about game audio. Apart from always doing his best on the projects he works on, he also advises and works with other composers in our field, always pushing forward the quality of game music and sound. His dedicated personality, and the desire to go the extra mile will make him an asset to any employer.

Levan Iordanishvili, Owner and Composer
Vel9 Studios

Nathan not only provides us with excellent music and sfx for our games, but he has mastered the specific technical aspects of the Nintendo DS. When he sends me a new theme song for the next level of our game, he has already installed the instrument definitions, samples, and key-splits we need so that we can just drop in his new files and tell the game to play the new song. Unlike a lot of film and TV composers, he also is able to make his songs loop after the intro, and include multiple stanzas with different instruments for variety. We were able to develop a system where we change instruments, or mute/unmute tracks, based on what’s going on the game. I can heartily recommend Nathan for any game projects you might have and even more specifically for any Nintendo DS projects.

Ed Magnin, Director of Development
Magnin & Associates

Nathan is an incredible composer with a great sense for varying musical themes and soundscapes. He’s a real team player, is open to suggestions and an all around great guy.

Joe Eisma, 3D Artist & Animator
Magnin & Associates

We worked with Nathan during the production of our newest space trading game – Smugglers 4. He always completed tasks assigned to him to our utmost satisfaction. His working methods were always marked by trustworthiness and absolute dependability.

Niels Bauer, Lead developer / Owner
Niels Bauer Games

Nathan effectively integrates the goals of the brand and the motion graphics with sound design, delivering a piece of work that communicates the intended message perfectly. He is both friendly and efficient.

Natasha Teague, Brand Manager
FUNimation Entertainment

First of all, Nathan is the most professional person I’ve ever worked with. In our time together at Funimation, he went above and beyond the call of duty every step of the way, and he did it with the greatest of ease. Always eager to help and always searching for ways to make everything better and more efficient. Add to that his incredible, seemingly effortless skill and creativity as a composer and as a sound designer, and his technical know-how, one might call Nathan Madsen a miracle.

Duane Deering, Composer-Sound Designer
FUNimation Entertainment

The music for our recent game composed by Nathan was the first background music our developer didn’t turn off after having listened to it for a few minutes. While our team consists of people with very different tastes when it comes to music, what Nathan created was surprisingly to everyone’s liking. Not only is Nathan a true professional, he made us feel like professionals, too.

Mikhail Zhilkin
ZX Games

It has been a pleasure to work with you; you have delivered top quality sounds in barely no time which has been perfect as I’ve been able to focus other elements in the game knowing that the sound effects were there when I needed them.

Andreas Jirénius
SOLO development

Nathan brought his professionalism to this non-profit project, Ocean Legacy, like any other collaborative effort with great risk involved. His audio made a campaign-push (play-react-vote) into a memorable game experience. In spite of his broad background, he did not come off as dominant or opposing to me, the ‘junior’, and for that I definitely aspire to work with him again some day.

Erlend Sogge Heggen
Game Designer

I enjoyed working with Nathan on the Ocean Survivor project. Nathan brings great energy and dedication to his work. It was a pleasure working with such an upbeat and enthusiastic team partner. His work is at the most professional level: he delivers music that is exactly on target for the project.

Charlotte McMillan, Composer
Composer for Games, Film and TV

Just wanted to say thanks, it was great working with you on our latest game title, overall a great experience! The music and sound effects you provided really brings the game to life. I also appreciate your professionalism and willingness to work with us to meet our needs. Look forward to working with you again in the future.

Chris Reed
NSP Games, LLC

Nathan Madsen is one of the most gifted artists that works with us on our projects.  His talent and insight have provided our games with the highest-quality soundtracks we could have ever asked for.  When I’m envisioning a specific sound or vibe for one of MISoft Studios’ games, I only need to describe what I’m thinking of to Nathan once, and he’s able to precisely deliver what I was hoping for.  He’s extremely professional and personable and a pleasure to work with.  Everyone here at MISoft is looking forward to working with Nathan on our future projects for as long as he’s willing to participate. A side note: When we started breaking ground on our latest game, Eternal Equinox, I was playing one of the tracks that he created for the game.  One of our fellow developers entered the room, and it was the very first time he’d heard Nathan’s music. It completely caught him off-guard, and he literally said “how many weeks did this take him to do?”  My response, with a smile: “about two days.”

Matt “Rock” Terzi Owner/ Project Manager
MISoft Studios

Nathan is great to work with, and produces great work. Our concept was to create a demo that was “warm and inviting”, and I credit a lot of the success in achieving that feeling to Nathan’s music. Nathan is punctual and professional, and we look forward to working with him again as our project matures.

Jeff Leigh Founder
Right Brain Games

I have worked with Nathan for many years and been consistently impressed with the quality of his compositions and productions. Nathan is a thoroughly experienced composer and truly one of the best in the business, along with being a great friend and a very fair businessman.

Ben Cockerham Director of Global Operations, Music Services
The Orchard