Interested in private lessons on piano, saxophone or composition/production? I can help!

EDIT: Please note due to Covid-19, lessons are ONLY offered virtually right now. 

I offer private lessons for piano (beginner to 4th-5th year students), saxophone (all levels), composition/music tech (all levels) and am based in Pflugerville, TX. Lessons take place in my home (pictured below) and will be scheduled mostly in the evenings.


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A little about me: I’ve been playing piano for nearly 15 years and specialize in jazz piano. I started saxophone in 6th grade after hearing a song on the radio and falling in with the instrument. With nearly 17 years experience on the saxophone, I have a deep understanding of the instrument and specialize in jazz and classical. For my undergraduate work, I attended Oklahoma Baptist University and went to Texas Christian University for graduate school. My two degrees are a bachelors in K-12 Music Education (Instrumental Focus) and a masters in Saxophone Performance. Aside from my degrees, I’ve also been a Texas state certified teacher. I’ve been writing music and producing audio (voice overs and sound effects) for video games, films, stage productions and other projects since 2005. I have a strong passion and love for teaching others how to play musical instruments!

Solo piano piece I wrote, performed, recorded and produced:

Several clips showcasing me on alto and tenor saxophone:

For other examples of pieces I’ve composed and produced simply head on over to my Music demo page!

How private lessons work: I offer two time slots: a 30 and a 60 minute lesson. For younger players I recommend starting out with only a 30 minute lesson. We can cover a good deal of ground and I’ve found a shorter time slot works best for the younger age group. For older players an hour can really give us the time to get into some deeper, more advanced techniques and material. After our initial lesson, to get an idea of the student’s ability, personality and goals, I’ll provide a list of recommended materials for us to work through in lessons. Some materials will also be provided by me as well when possible.

What will we cover? Anything and everything! The foundation or building blocks of any successful musician is scales and technique. We’ll go over music theory, note names, musical styles, rhythm and study a wide range of music. On top of that we’ll play duets and short(er) duets. I find duets to be highly effective as it puts the teacher and student playing TOGETHER! Not only does this provide a good connection it is a useful way of modeling to the student and pushing them musically. We’ll also cover larger pieces as well. I want lessons to be informative and FUN! If a student is interested in a certain piece or style of music – I’ll do everything I can to work that into our lessons. Since I’m also an audio professional, I can easily create back up tracks for the student to play to or improvise with. At times we’ll experiment with composition and I can record and produce the audio as well. For composition/music tech students, curriculum and lessons will be a bit more unique and customized given the nature of the focus and content.

Practicing: The only way private lessons really work is by having steady practice times. Based on the student’s level and goals I’ll create a custom practice plan and give clear, concise and attainable goals for each week of practice. During the lessons we’ll touch base and see how well we’re doing at meeting those goals, fix any trouble spots and explore new content. I recommend using practice sheets so the student can easily recall and look over what they did for the past week. It also helps me see how their practice routine is developing. To help with practicing, I post instructions and MP3s/videos of all songs and exercises being covered in lessons. This really helps show the student (and even parents) what’s being covered and how to practice it when away from the studio!

Cost: 30 minute lessons normally cost $30 and 60 minute lessons usually cost $60. Make ups are definitely available at no additional cost but require a 24 hour notice. Extreme situations (like a hospital visit) are definitely understandable and an exception will be made. If no notice is given or it is less than 24 hours – the normal rate will be charged for the lesson. Lessons are paid for in advance – either the whole month or two weeks at a time.

Reach out today to schedule your private lessons!