Welcome to Madsen Studios LLC!

Quick overview:

I’m an Austin, TX based professional composer-sound designer who has supported over 575 projects (full list here) in the video game, anime, web design and indie film markets. My services and rates are flexible enough to work with teams of all kinds of budgets, sizes and needs.

Want to read over my resume? Here you go!

Want to license or buy my music? It’s easy! Shoot me a message and we’ll work out the details. I also have CDs for streaming and for sale here: Band Camp.

Need to get in touch? nate (AT) madsenstudios (DOT) com. I’ll get back to you ASAP!

Nate MadsenOwner - Composer - Sound Designer - Aspiring Unicycle Juggler


I make noises. All kinds of noises! As a pro saxophonist as well as a jazz pianist, I've performed with a wide variety of ensembles and have also taught private lessons. My audio has been heard on Nintendo DS, Sony PSP, PC and Internet games as well as commercials, trailers, CDs, films and has represented brands as large as LEGO, Dragon Ball Z, Yu Gi Oh, Shin Chan, Monopoly, Dean Martin, MechWarrior and The Mortal Instruments.


I've been making professional audio since 2005 and have worked in-house as well as freelanced on teams as small as 2 people and as large as 200+ members. I'm comfortable in many situations and can provide audio in a number of styles and approaches. My skills don't stop at creating great audio - I can also help out with implementing audio into a variety of systems and platforms. I also moderate Gamedev's audio forum.

Nate Madsen