As some of you know, I’ve been working with Glass Bottom Games now since 2010. We’ve been off making odd, quirky and fun games which has been slowly growing a following. Our latest project, SkateBird is now featured on the front page of Gamasutra!

Totally blown away by this! You can read the article here.

Megan Fox, the founder of Glass Bottom Games has a real knack for finding highly unique, different and creative niches for our games to live. Working with her has been a complete blast. I’m very excited by the reception of Skatebird so far and am eager to get the game out to the public once it’s ready.

Go check out the announcement trailer for the game below and stay tuned for more updates!


Nate Madsen is a 13 year industry vet who’s worked in games, films, taught college courses and has performed and recorded in various settings on both piano and saxophone. He’s been with SGI for over two years and has been running Madsen Studios LLC since 2005. On the weekends he likes to be very still and watch the grass grow. And he’s considering taking up the bagpipes and really enjoys craft beer. He’s currently living in Austin, TX and his is favorite color is green. You can get in touch with him here: