It’s been a crazy week and I’d hoped to update the website about five days ago with some news. Such is life. I was extremely honored to be interviewed by Create Loud, a podcast by Rachel Robison and Cody Crabb. We discussed the value of mentoring – for both the mentee and the mentor! We also discussed various aspects of the game and film audio industries as well as how to best collaborate with clients.

Also my own vlog, Madsen’s Musings now has seven episodes out! Episode eight has been filmed and just needs to be edited. I’ve really enjoyed putting this vlog together and I hope others have enjoyed it as well.

Finally, I’m just about finished up with doing sound design for a top-down 8-bit retro shooter project (more news coming soon on that front) and will be starting music for another puzzle video game in about a week. All while working full time at SGI and still freelancing for various saxophone gigs. Crazy times – but I love it. I still have some space should anyone need music or sound for their next project. So get in touch if you do!

Nate is an established composer/sound designer, based in Austin, TX. Aside from making various kinds of noises and music, he also teaches private lessons (saxophone and piano) and performs with live bands. On the weekends he likes to sit and watch the grass grow. He’s also quite fond of fancy beers.