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Spartan Fist

Megan and the crew over at Glassbottom Games have been busy making Spartan Fist, a first person brawler that is super fun! You punch dudes so hard, their heads explode. All in super cute pixel art style! For more info on the game, go check out…
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Rainbow Splash

Pixel Carrot Studio hired me to compose music for their new puzzle game called Rainbow Splash. I've worked with them before on another ambient, relaxing puzzle game so I was very excited to partner up for another title. I ended up writing three…

Titanfall: Assault Announced!

Major update! I'm very pleased to announce that I've been helping out as a sound designer on the next Titanfall game for mobile called Titanfall: Assault. Working with Particle City has been a fantastic experience and I'm so excited for the…
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Using Tempo for Added Realism

Using Tempo to Add More Realism One of the best ways composers can add more realism to their pieces is with tempo changes. This is especially true when writing for orchestra, big band, jazz combos and even certain rock songs. In this video…
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Post mortem - Photosynthesis

Post mortem - Photosynthesis I just did a recent post mortem on a hybrid track I composed/produced called Photosynthesis. In this video, I discuss the various sample libraries used and how I have my session set up. I show each sound element…
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Photosynthesis - Hybrid Ambient Cue

Here's an hybrid ambient track that I did while testing out some new sounds and approaches in my studio. Getting new libraries and trying out new techniques is always super inspiring. It's at the heart of what makes hybrid writing so much…

Some new music!

New music!! It's been a while since my last update! Madsen Studios LLC has been very busy creating custom music and sound design for various clients but most of it is still under NDAs. Here's a new track that isn't! I was commissioned to…

The Big Move to Cedar Falls, IA!

Back in Sept of this year, my family and I moved from Austin, TX up to Cedar Falls, IA so I could begin working for Scientific Games Interactive. For those not in the know, SGI (https://www.sginteractive.com/) is one of the largest and most…

A Tense Moment - 48 hour film project

48 hours to make a film?! During the summer, I took part in the 48 Hour Film Project, hosted in Austin, TX. It was a blast! For those not familiar with the festival/contest, teams are given 48 hours to create, write, film, edit and produce…