Chain Chronicle: The Light of Haecceitas Complete SeriesFUNimation

Chain Chronicle: What a TRAILER!

Check out the Chain Chronicle: The Light of Haecceitas Complete Series trailer, which features Nate Madsen's VO editing, some sound design and audio mix.
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Dual Screens Podcast

This past week Nate did a new interview with NDSPodcast, released a new vlog episode about compression and showcased his theme for Goldfish Tiki's Island Hop.
ID@Xbox Summer Spotlight Series Features Skatebird

Skatebird is featured in ID@Xbox Summer Spotlight Series!

Skatebird is featured in ID@Xbox Summer Spotlight Series! Plus some new videos, vlog episodes and jam sessions.
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Two New Short Films!

Hey, I'm already back with those two short films (now live!) as well as ANOTHER Anime trailer. Come check them out while they're HOT!
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May Update!

A quick May update - complete with another Anime trailer, two short films, another vlog entry and a mandolin- OH MY.

Covid-19: Strange Times…

Covid-19 is making a bunch of us work from home (WFH). Learn some tips on how to handle it best.

I’m Still Alive!!

I'M STILL ALIVE... Hey all! I'm still alive! It's been a good while since I've uploaded some new content. This is for a few reasons - waiting for things to go public so I can share them, being super busy washing my hair (now you know that…

Dragon Ball Super Part 10 Trailer

The Dragon Ball Super Part 10 trailer just went live. Nate did some of the sound design, dialog editing as well as the mix of the trailer's audio.
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Switching Things Up!

Switching things up - SkateBIRD is coming to the Nintendo Switch!