Come take a tour of three new tracks of music that were released yesterday and today! New SkateBIRD music and new Materia Collective music!
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Gypsy Fiddle, Playboy Fairies, Mixing Mojo and Saxes OH MY!

In this blog update you'll hear a new gypsy violin library, two new SciPlay slot themes & a great virtual hang out with some huge musicians!
Chain Chronicle: The Light of Haecceitas Complete SeriesFUNimation

Chain Chronicle: What a TRAILER!

Check out the Chain Chronicle: The Light of Haecceitas Complete Series trailer, which features Nate Madsen's VO editing, some sound design and audio mix.
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Dual Screens Podcast

This past week Nate did a new interview with NDSPodcast, released a new vlog episode about compression and showcased his theme for Goldfish Tiki's Island Hop.
ID@Xbox Summer Spotlight Series Features Skatebird

Skatebird is featured in ID@Xbox Summer Spotlight Series!

Skatebird is featured in ID@Xbox Summer Spotlight Series! Plus some new videos, vlog episodes and jam sessions.
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Two New Short Films!

Hey, I'm already back with those two short films (now live!) as well as ANOTHER Anime trailer. Come check them out while they're HOT!
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May Update!

A quick May update - complete with another Anime trailer, two short films, another vlog entry and a mandolin- OH MY.

Covid-19: Strange Times…

Covid-19 is making a bunch of us work from home (WFH). Learn some tips on how to handle it best.

I’m Still Alive!!

I'M STILL ALIVE... Hey all! I'm still alive! It's been a good while since I've uploaded some new content. This is for a few reasons - waiting for things to go public so I can share them, being super busy washing my hair (now you know that…