Something New!

  This track was written for Disney’s Threads of Mystery, a social, hidden object game on Facebook. Later I hired the amazing John Rodd to mix it. The track’s aim was to convey the magic, excitement and mystery of a movie set. I hope…
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We are Dragon Lords...

    I was really thrilled to write music and produce sound design for this epic trailer. I mean, you're riding and controlling dragons while fighting other players on dragons. It just doesn't get much more epic than that! :P Check…

GDC 2014

  Hey ladies and gents, I'll be out and about all next week at GDC! Really excited to catch up with some old friends and make some new ones! If you're going, let's connect and hang out. If you're lucky, I might even buy you a beer!…

New sizzler video uploaded!

  I put together a new sizzler reel of some of my favorite projects I've been a part of - check it out! I hope you enjoy it.