Happy New Year (almost)! 2010 was an exciting year for Madsen Studios and I’m really looking forward to seeing what 2011 has in store. While things has slowed down a bit I did some more practice sound design for the Prince of Persia: Forgotten Sands trailer!

[wpvideo aQGO1GBq]

Update Dec. 14th 2010:

11 days until Christmas, what are you buying me? 🙂 Check out the mock up music I did for the Inception trailer! I’m about to start work on several more games and projects but am always looking for more work!

[wpvideo xZYZpxaT]

I’ve had two recent articles published on http://www.gameaudio101.com/ and wanted to share them with you all!

Pursuing a Career in Game Audio

12 Tips on Destroying Writer’s Block

Also working on a feature length film, a promo trailer for another video game and fielding several projects from other studios. Always looking for more, so if you need audio – contact me!

Today is the 5th anniversary of Madsen Studios LLC! Here, have some cake! Yummy! Thanks to everyone that has shown support and to all of the creative people I’ve been lucky enough to work with! Also check out these six short cues (and artwork) from TV Manager 2!

Update Oct. 21st 2010:

Just uploaded three new videos showcasing my sound design. One is a mock up of game play footage of Kung Fu Panda video game, another is a clip from the Tron Legacy trailer and the third is gameplay from the God of War III video game. Take a peek! Also I’ve been happy to be a part of several big projects in the video game and commercial realm. More details to follow soon!

The trailer for Floop is now out! I wrote all of the music for the game and did the sound design for the first 6 seconds of the trailer. The game should be released very soon!

Just finished up the music for Floop, a casual iPhone game that has four different locations. Here are the Beach Cue, Sports Arena Cue and the Christmas Cue. I also have a few other items that are close to being announced and I’ll share them then!

My first solo CD project, The View From Here, has been released! This album is a collection of laid back, meditative songs meant to inspire thought, reflection and inner peace. Take it out for a spin! All of the music on the CD was composed, performed and produced by yours truly!

I recently finished up some music for Azukisoft’s Chocolat which will be out for the iPhone soon. It’s a fun, casual restaurant strategy game. Give it a listen. I’m also talking to several other studios right now about supporting their games and am always interested in more work. Give me a shout if you need audio for your projects!

Ninjatown: Trees of Doom! is now out and it’s been really well received! I had a blast providing the audio for this great game and hope to work with this fine crew more in the future. Check out the Day and Night music cues!