The first book that features me as a composer is out! Game Development Essentials: Game Audio Development by Aaron Marks and Jeannie Novak is available on Amazon and other retailers. I have two quotes, a profile, headshot and several works featured on the companion DVD. It’s a great book that covers all kinds of info vital to young(er) composers/sound designers wanting to work in the video game industry. Check it out here:

Game Audio Development by Aaron Marks and Jeannie Novak

Madsen Studios has a new look! Also, it’s been a very busy time as I was one of three selected to take part in the very first Iron Composer contest held at Austin GDC. I took first place!I’ve also been busy in the book world, being a featured composer in two books on audio production being published this Fall as well as writing chapters for two books on game audio production which will be published soon. Finally, I’m still active in the video game realm, working on Jumpgate Evolution, LEGO Universe as well as several other unannounced titles. More info to come soon!